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In the Name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

  1. Mushaf Makkah mushafmakkah.com observes all the standards necessary to ensure that the privacy of users and visitors' data is protected .
  2. Mushaf Makkah mushafmakkah.com makes clear to all visitors and registrants its privacy policy in order to clearly demonstrate its compliance and concern for user privacy. It also shows everyone how we collect and use visitor information.
  3. We at Mushaf Makkah mushafmakkah.com place great importance on the security of the information in our possession and provide means to ensure it. We are committed not to lose it and prevent its misuse or modification. This is done by reducing the powers of access to this information to the maximum extent possible, whether it is stored or during transportation. There are only a few reliable people who handle the information. Regular backups are made to be kept in a safe place.
  4. Mushaf Makkah mushafmakkah.com is concerned with selecting the most secure and reliable services in all the services used.
  5. Mushaf Makkah mushafmakkah.com collects visitor information through optional registration in the newsletter, or sending e-mail, comments, or other voluntary options through which the user communicates with us, or through voluntary registration in the future.
  6. The information that is provided to us through the various forms on the site and the program enables us to support our visitors, provide them with useful information, and communicate with them, and at the same time helps us improve the site and software's content and services in line with their needs.
  7. Some of these forms require our visitors to provide us with personal information, such as: name, email, etc. The information collected through these forms is used to answer, communicate with visitors and improve user experience.
  8. The information we have is never displayed or sold unless there is a request from the official authorities. You also agree that this site is not responsible for the leakage of any part of the collected member's data due to burglaries and sabotage by hackers, and that the site does not bear any responsibility for the damage or loss of this data for any reason, and you agree to enter it in the site and the program free of charge.
  9. The information may be used in short statistical data and in an aggregate form in which the identity of any of our visitors cannot be revealed.
  10. The host servers for mushafmakkah.com automatically log some information about visitors. such as the date and time of your visit, your IP number, the name of your Internet browser, operating system, and the address of the page (URL) from which you came to our site; in order to improve the contents of the site to suit the needs of the user.
  11. We also note that servers at mushafmakkah.com collect information to protect the site from hacking.
  12. The identity of advertisers will only be disclosed if they so wish.
  13. The identities of funders will only be disclosed if they so wish.
  14. In the event that there are external links in mushafmakkah.com we are not responsible for the privacy policy that is exercised on those sites or their content.
  15. mushafmakkah.com uses the services of some trusted statistical sites to learn some statistics; such as the Google Analytics site, which includes the tracking and statistical analysis of visitors.
  16. mushafmakkah.com may send some non-recurring e-mail based on user request and by using this service, you acknowledge that you accept these messages. You can unsubscribe at any moment through the unsubscribe link in the same messages.
  17. mushafmakkah.com does not spam; because it causes inconvenience and wastes time.
  18. You can email us to delete your registered information if you wish, by sending to the email: [email protected]
  19. If you register with the site, you can edit your registered information with us directly from your user profile.
  20. To contact us, please email us at [email protected]

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